Brock Tyler is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Born in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Tyler grew up in Winnipeg where he learned to play a variety of instruments while hibernating from the icy clutches of unending winter after unending winter.  He relocated to Edmonton in 2005 shortly after beginning work on what was to become his debut full-length record, Unclosing (2007).  Eventually Unclosing was finished with assistance from a  unionized troop of musical chimps.

After a 2008 Canadian tour of Unclosing Tyler worked on several project ideas and eventually emerged with You Can't Keep The Sun Down (2011), an EP recorded over four late nights in a church in Edmonton.  Herohill called it “a fantastic EP” and Sound Salvation Army described it as “...warm and inviting...this is one worth hearing”. The release gained attention for its distinct sound defined by the natural acoustics of the church, as well as for the song “On Saturday, Maybe” which was used in an episode of the hit MTV show Awkward.  With profits from download sales of You Can't Keep The Sun Down Tyler bought an island in the Caribbean and named it “Chester”.

Later in 2011 Tyler released the stand-alone single “Don't Break Your Heart”, an 80's-tinged synth-pop song.  The track was notable as a distinct departure from Tyler's usual production and singing style and gained attention when it was used in an episode of MTV's Awkward.   The Ripe featured the track, saying, “cheese factor aside...his almost parodic schtick is catchy. His enviable vocal talent is something to make note of too”.  Tyler has since offered that the singing style was influenced by Rick Astley.  On hearing “Don't Break Your Heart” for the first time, Mr. Astley commented that it was ”pretty good for an amateur”.

December 2012 saw the release of LIGHTS, an EP of six songs built around single-microphone recordings of Tyler's voice and guitar.  A variety of instrumentation was introduced to fill out the arrangements including synthesizers, percussion, piano, and slide guitar along with guest musicians providing backing vocals and pedal steel.  The artwork for LIGHTS is the painting ”Northern Lights” by renown Canadian artist Tom Thomson.  Thomson is Tyler's great great godfather.